Why Environmental Awareness?

Myanmar is currently facing many threats to the natural environment and sustainable livelihoods, such as poor waste management, air pollution, construction of large dams, oil and gas extraction, mining, deforestation, large-scale agricultural concessions, illegal wildlife trade and climate change etc. The majority of Myanmar’s income comes from agriculture, forestry, fishing, mining and selling off natural resources, including billions of dollars from gas and hydropower development. These has led to a rapid depletion of the country's natural resources and a worsening of the environmental problems. In addition, industrial pollution of air, soil, and water, inadequate sanitation, poor waste management and water treatment contribute to disease to the citizens of the country.

We, Miss Earth Myanmar Organization, urge to promote the environmental awareness throughout Myanmar using the beauty contest and its public attention as the main platform. We have the desire to increase environmental knowledge in the general public, specifically target our youth, local communities, business and industries, NGOs and Educators. We believe that the increase in environmental awareness can be achieved through a range of communications and by supporting community actions and behavioral change programmers. Ultimately these actions will drive our society towards an ecologically sustainable life style and sustainable work practice.

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